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Company Profile

The law firm of “ATH. GEORGIADIS – AG. KAITEZIDOU AND PARTNERS LAW FIRM”, with the distinctive title of “LEX Legal Services”, is a newly founded legal firm, established in early 2011. It is comprised of a flexible team of lawyers with top-tier scientific and educational backgrounds and legal experience ranging from 3 to >35 years and spreading across numerous legal fields with an emphasis on Civil Law. Our team, competently supported by exceptionally trained paralegal personnel, supply quality legal services, both in terms of counseling clients as well as in trial law.

We make it a key concern to keep ever abreast of developments in our respective fields of legal expertise, so that via a thorough knowledge of the law and statutes as well as the relevant jurisprudence and case law, we may find ourselves in a position to offer innovative solutions to our clients, which correspond to the ever changing and fast metabolizing conditions of the society and the market.

Our law firm’s seat is located at the historical center of Thessaloniki. It comprises spacious working spaces, conference rooms, an extensive and constantly updated library (both electronic and in print), which facilitate easy and immediate access to any and all relevant legal texts and information, which in turn allows for the speedy as well as responsible provision of legal advice.

Moreover, a network of select associate lawyers throughout Greece, our close cooperation with the law firm of G.Vlahopoulos in Munich and Athens, our participation in legal organizations the world over coupled with our network of colleagues on an international level and our express policy of travel availability, broaden our horizons and available fields of action.

Our clientele includes individuals as well as companies from both within Greece and abroad. We make it our business to maintain a close personal relationship with the client, as we have found that this acts positively in our understanding of his needs or those of his company, which in turn boosts our ability to assist him with success even in the most complex of cases.

Our law firm, in the current, admittedly difficult global economic circumstance, has the ambition and ability to provide a scientific yet also practical approach to the resolution of legal cases.

Lex Legal Services has been certified with ISO 9001:2019 from TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) Certificate

Areas of legal expertise

The relations between individuals as well as companies on a horizontal level as well as their interaction with the state are becoming ever more complex. It is axiomatic that the law can only follow developments as opposed to anticipating them. In the constantly changing field of national and international shifts and evolution, LEX Legal Services offers services which cater to almost the entire spectrum of the needs of the citizens and of companies.

It does however specialize in cases of civil law, company law, administrative law but also penal law with an emphasis. on:

  • the drafting of civil law as well as commercial contracts of every nature and the resolution of problems arising thereof.
  • incorporation, transformation and dissolution of companies, mergers and acquisitions, matters pertaining to competition law and intellectual property law.
  • all manner of issues revolving around labour law and in particular collective labour law.
  • tort law, medical negligence, pollution of the environment and insult to the person.
  • family law issues (including those related to bioethics and human reproduction)
  • property law (purchase of property, land registry and town planning issues and expropriations)

Our law firm also concerns itself with issues concerning:

  • Contracts with the administrative authorities or the state (Issues concerning the submission of legal tender and assignment of public works)
  • Commercial law cases concerning the collection of outstanding debts
  • Penal law cases with an emphasis on cases concerning offenses against the life  DUE TO ACCIDENTS), or the loss of ones estate. Also issues pertaining to economic crime.

Lex Legal Services can provide its clients with full representation:

  • Before the administrative authorities
  • In the context of extra – judicial transactions
  • In alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration) and in particular support at trial hearing before the courts across Greece

The relations between individuals and companies as well as their interactions with the State are becoming all the more complex. In that constantly changing field of national and international disputes, LEX Legal Services provides a complete range of legal services, which meet the needs of natural persons and businesses.

LEX Legal Services provides:

>Legal representation of our clients for purposes of Litigation before Courts of all instances.

>Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration and Mediation).

>Extrajudicial representation before administrative authorities.

>Drafting of civil and commercial contracts of all kinds.

>Establishment, conversion and merger of companies.

>Personal Data Protection – GDPR Compliance.

>Legal advice in the aforementioned legal fields:

Civil Law

o    Contract Law

o    Tort Law

o    Property  and Trust Law

o    Family Law

o    Succession Law

o    Cadastral Law

Medical Law

o    Medical malpractice

o    Informed Consent

o    National Healthcare System Legislation (N.H.S. Doctors –Organization & Hospital Operation)

o    Clinical Trials

o    Patients’ Data Protection

Pharmacy Law

o    Pharmacy Authorization and  Licensing

o    Pharmacists’ Social Security Law

o    Distribution of pharmaceutical products

Commercial Law

o    Corporate Law

o    Insurance Law

o    Transport Law

o    Distribution and Commercial Agency Law

o    Consumer Protection Law

o    Competition Law

o    Industrial & Intellectual Property Law

o    Insolvency Law

o    Banking Law

Labour Law

o    Individual  Labour Contracts

o    Termination of Labour Contracts

o    Collective Labour Law (Collective Bargaining  and  Labour Agreements – Strike Law)

Criminal Law

Public Law

o    Public Contracts

o    Urban Planning

o    Civil Servant’s Law

o    Disciplinary law

o    Law of Regional and  Local Authorities

Athanasios Georgiadis

Αθανάσιος Γεωργιάδης

Ignatios Kaitezidis

Ιγνάτιος Καϊτεζίδης

Ignatios Kaitezidis

Μαρία Χαρίση

Georgios-Alexandros Georgiadis

Γεώργιος-Αλέξανδρος Γεωργιάδης

Maria-Efraimia Gerasopoulou

Μαρία-Ευφραιμία Γερασοπούλου

Anastasia Kokkoni

Αναστασία Κοκκώνη

Georgios Peikos

Γεώργιος Πέικος

Theofanis Kalevras

Θεοφάνης Καλεύρας
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